World Fashion Week Paris


In affiliation with International NGO 'Cooperating World' and its campaign of Masai bracelets against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation.

Alternative hair Show 

Royal Albert Hall London

Raising £190,600 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research


Anne Veck winning Category Best Men

Voice Aid association


Voice Aid Association is a new forming charity organisation. 


As the face and ambassador of Voice Aid Association, Zarya is supporting and contributing really positively to the organisation in many different ways. She is supporting and co-planning events e.g. fashion shows to help raise awareness and fundraising. Zarya will be involved in more social events, being a guest speaker at fundraising events, appearing in television commercials and more. She is lending her profile to be quoted in media releases or the launch of a particular program or activity. She is helping Voice Aid Association with new stories and media exposure and more.  


Zarya’s main focus will be on women’s rights and education for children. 




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Zarya Azadi is the main investor of the Voice Aid Hymn ''WE ARE ONE'' and the album also called ''We ARE ONE''. 

The hymn was released this summer and the album is still in production and will be released this year. 


There will be different artists featuring the album such as Dante Thomas, the Weather Girls, Lori Glori and more who have also performed at the first Voice Aid Charity Concert in Schweinfurt. 


Rotary rowdy river raft race

VOICE AID Charity Concert

in Schweinfurt Germany 

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