ABOUT Voice Aid association


Voice Aid Association is a new forming charity organisation. 


As the face and ambassador of Voice Aid Association, Zarya is supporting and contributing really positively to the organisation in many different ways. She is supporting and co-planning events e.g. fashion shows to help raise awareness and fundraising. Zarya will be involved in more social events, being a guest speaker at fundraising events, appearing in television commercials and more. She is lending her profile to be quoted in media releases or the launch of a particular program or activity. She is helping Voice Aid Association with new stories and media exposure and more.  


Zarya’s main focus will be on women’s rights and education for children. 



Voice Aid Association – for the sake of mankind and the earth



The Voice Aid Association is an initiative of Regino Hawich and Astrid Arens starting in autumn 2018.

The focus is on a globally unique campaign on the subject of humanity and environmental protection, coupled with a great deal of education and foresight for the future.


The mission of the Voice Aid Association is to act worldwide regionally, but also supraregionally. By using modern digital media, such as livestreams, social media, etc., we connect different countries and continents with each other. With concerts, fashion shows, events, vernissages, etc. and the associated activities, sponsoring, challenges, etc. we want to create awareness for the social and other important topics of the world. 


We want to form a strong common voice that is heard, that awakens, that inspires, excites and moves. As a team we can achieve more attention and energy. The goal is to build a global digital platform that influences and digitally connects, a community that works together for social causes. Sustainable products are offered and promoted via a Voice Aid Shop.



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Zarya Azadi is the main investor of the Voice Aid Hymn ''WE ARE ONE'' and the album also called ''We ARE ONE''. 

The hymn was released this summer and the album is still in production and will be released this year. 


There will be different artists featuring the album such as Dante Thomas, the Weather Girls, Lori Glori and more who have also performed at the first Voice Aid Charity Concert in Schweinfurt. 


VOICE AID Charity Concert

in Schweinfurt Germany 

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