The hidden beauty of kurdistan

house of iKons digital Fashion show london fashion week

As a sponsor of the House of iKons Fashion Week London, Zarya Azadi is representing a Kurdish solo segment with the title "The Hidden Beauty of Kurdistan" highlighten the beautiful art and culture of the Kurdish people. Introducing five talented Kurdish fashion designers from different regions of Kurdistan giving us a sneak peek of their work and collections during the digital fashion show on the 19th September 2020.  

"The five designers that I have chosen so far and who will be part of the digital fashion show as well as the live show are very talented and been in this industry for many years. All of them have their unique life story of how they moved from Kurdistan to Europe and how they pursued their dreams of becoming a fashion designer with all the hardships they faced. I am immensely proud of each one of them as they all have come a long way."

- Zarya Azadi 

Interview with She Hustle Collective

by international journalist, Jules Lavallee

House of iKons


Founded by Savita Kaye under Lady K Production, the House of iKons successfully draws in fantastic crowds to its independent show. It has been growing and gaining momentum since its launch in September 2014 launched in London as well as shows around the world.


House of iKons success is based on the unique concept, celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent. 


Savita Kaye’s ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand, known for launching emerging designers and creatives. Working with global media partners has enabled House of iKons shows to be aired worldwide to millions of viewers.


In addition to House of iKons Fashion Week London which is held during the prestigious Fashion Week, shows have also taken place in Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Designers have been signed to departments stores, boutiques, wardrobe for music videos and working with major celebrities such as JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks to name but a few. 


House of iKons has been created as a platform to launch emerging designers and creatives to the next level. Models and presenters who have taken part with the House of iKons shows here in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have also benefited working in TV and film.

you can watch the digital show here

Kurdish designers

á la mode by Ala Hadji is originally from Zaxo, Kurdistan now based in Berlin, Germany. Ala Hadji is very divers in her work; she not only designs her own collection of modern, elegant and western fashion but also Kurdish traditional clothing. She also offers her services to various designers from Berlin for the completion of their collections for the Berlin Fashion Week and also teaches sewing classes 1-2 days a week. Her customers range from a normal audience to designers and VIPs. She’s designed clothing for one of the judges of Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum and also the international music singer Ilira.



Atelier by Khoshkar Horre is originally from Afrin, Kurdistan now based in London, UK. Khoshkar Horre creates from the heart and soul in order to empower women. He is encouraging women to show their femininity, to learn new styling habits, while being taught how to dress, not with just clothes but to dress their spirit with confidence and uniqueness. This is the main ethos of his brand. With the strong yet feminine designs can be worn casually, professionally and on the red carpet. He is constantly complementing the female form with high end fashion and couture fashion. He comes from a family of tailors with established business since the 1850s based in Afrin. Now he has gained a tremendous following and designing for VIP’s and athletes like football players David Luiz, Willian Borges Da Silva and Giani Franco. 

The designer Inci Hakbilen is originally from Haymana, Kurdistan now based in Hamburg, Germany. With the fashion brand of the same name Inic Hakbilen is mainly focused on bridal and evening wear but also designs traditional Kurdish clothing and street wear using Kurdish fabrics. The combination with modern style and traditional patterns is extremely interesting and beautiful. For the last 5 years Inci Hakbilen has been creating modern street wear using the colours of Mesopotamia and traditional fabrics for her own fashion shows. I personally like to see more of this on the runway. She’s been in the fashion industry for over 30 years and would like to create a fashion show in Diyarbakir or Instanbul as one of her last fulfilling dreams as a fashion designer. I would like to support her with this dream.  


And last but not least the fashion brand JoJo Braut & Abendmode by Nesrin Hassan originally from Rojava now based in Bochum, Germany. This fashion brand only focuses on bridal and evening wear with the specialty in haute couture bridal dresses. Nesrin Hasan designs the dresses, fits them and also accepts special requests. Her bridal dresses are princess-worthy gowns. Her costumers travel from various countries from Europe to choose a wedding dress and have it adjusted according to their wishes. JoJo Braut & Abendmode will be closing the Kurdish solo segment ‘The hidden beauty of Kurdistan’ with her extravagant and royal-looking wedding dresses. 

Yadê Couture by Sadiye Demir is originally from Mardin, Kurdistan now based in Bern, Switzerland. Sadiye Demir works with a lot of joy and passion to develop ideas for clothes together with her customers. These individual creations and designs are unique for casual and evening wear. She uses feminine colours in combination with masculine mixed cuts to embody elegance. This will be Yadê Couture’s first fashion collection starting and showcasing at the House of iKons Fashion Show London. We have already seen a huge transformation and progress of her during the last few weeks, she’s a true professional and I personally am very proud of Sadiye’s ambitions and hard work. This is exactly what this fashion show is about, providing emerging designers an international platform. 

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