''Evolve Your heritage''



LAUNCH during London Fashion week

''Zarya Azadi is an entrepreneur, an activist for women’s rights, and an international Yezidi-Kurdish model. She is involved in the Spanish-based NGO, “Mundo Cooperante” for women in Kenya and Tanzania against female genital mutilation (FGM). As a model, she is pairing fashion with women’s rights. She launched her new campaign, “Evolve Your Heritage” during London Fashion Week in February 2020 to represent and support women’s equality and trying to form a new foundation to help others. At the show she sponsored Maasai bracelets and gave them out to the guests along with flyers about the heinous atrocities of female genital mutilation.''  


Behind the scene and PREPARATION at the exhibition room



Fashion Assistant: A Aron
Graphic Designer:
In Cooperation with Charity Organisation: Mundo Cooperante  
Online Network: Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted by CEO Ms Çiğdem Gül

Photographers: Jinjin Huang Photography  and  Qing Liu Photography
Fashion Buyer & Merchandiser: Teresa Chen
House of iKons Photographers: Hicks Méstry Fashion & Celebrity Photographer - @hicksmestry,   Surjit Pardesi_Photographer,  Tabatha Fireman_Photographer

Cooperation Partner and Ambassador of NGO Mundo Cooperante

Mundo Cooperante is working in the field of development and humanitarian aid since its establishment with the main focus on fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM) against poverty and inequality in Kenya and Tanzania. Zarya connected with Mundo Cooperante as FGM is also practised in the Muslim Kurdish community in Iraq.


With the practice of FGM, which has no medical reasons, the total or partial surgical removal of the female genital organs takes place. FGM affects more than 140 million girls and women in the world women between 15 and 49 years old and more than 3 million each year are at risk even though it has been internationally recognized as a violation of women’s rights. It clearly shows that there is more work need to be done to end FGM.   


With the project ‘’Maasai Bracelets Against FGM’’ the organisation also supports and helps the Maasai women to create and produce hand-made Maasai Bracelets in order to sell them worldwide to generate a real income for those women. 


Zarya represented the organisation during London Fashion Week in February 2020 at the exhibition show room. With the purchase of 200 Maasai Bracelts against FGM and cooperated them in her campaign ‘’Evolve Your Heritage’’ and ‘’Red Ribbon’’ to raise awareness against child marriage, forced marriage, women oppression, humiliation of proof of their virginity, domestic violence and female genital mutilation (FGM).




Graphic Designer @itchiRAE 
Creative Director: Zarya Azadi 


In Cooperation with Charity Organisation: Mundo Cooperante

World Fashion Week Paris


In affiliation with International NGO 'Cooperating World' and its campaign of Masai bracelets against FGM. 
End Female Genital Mutilation #endfgm



Zarya was invited to the launch of the World Fashion Week in 2014 in Paris where she was introduced to Jimmy Choo for the first time. It was a special moment as Jimmy Choo received his lifetime achievement award.


At this event, Zarya also was also introduced to Mundo Cooperante, an internationally charity organization that she has supported ever since. The organization campaigns worldwide against female circumcision, raises funds by selling handmade Maasai bracelets from Kenya and Tanzania and does educational work. A total of 140 million women are affected by this horrific practice, and around 3 million women are still at risk each year.




Alternative hair Show 

Royal Albert Hall London

Raising £190,600 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research

Anne Veck winning Category Best Men

Zarya Azadi participated at the Alternative Hair Show in 2011 as a hair model of Anne Veck (known as a judge from “Extreme Hair Wars” on Channel 5/ British TV). Anne Veck won the award in the Best Men’s Category on this show. Zarya and Anne got to know each other during Zarya's studies in Oxford and worked together successfully for several years.  

The Alternative Hair Show is the charity event of the industry. Every year the show causes a sensation with its numerous contestants of a short 5 minutes choreographed live performance each and collects considerable amounts for fighting leukaemia. The entrance and donation money goes to this foundation for the benefit of children with leukaemia and their families.

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