At the Los Angeles Fashion Week, Zarya worked successfully with fashion designer Odair Pereira from Dair Design, jewelry designer Mary Katrisiosi Baldwin from Tigerbite Jewels and handbag designer Carolina Riffi Ollite from Carat23.


Carolina Riffi Ollite received the Timberland Best Green Handbag Award in New York for the new technology of the Carat23 handbags, thanks to a chance encounter with the rapper 50 cent.  A new click system shortens the handles and prevents them from dragging on the floor.


Since then, Zarya and Carolina have been working together on various projects, also on the controversial photo shoot ''Red Ribbon'' to symbolize the  equality of women. Zarya launched her campaign "Evolve Your Heritage" at the Fashion Week London in 02/2020 highlighting inequality. 

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